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Anger Management

Anger is a healthy emotion unless it’s expressed in a way that harms you or others. At Newstone Behavioral Health in Garland, Texas, Bosede Iwuamadi, DNP, PMHNP, and the team offer psychiatric mental health care for anger management through telehealth. The team can help identify your triggers and teach you how to express your anger in a healthy way. Call the office or schedule your anger management consultation online today.

Anger Management Q & A

Why do I get angry?

Anger is a normal emotional reaction to something you find upsetting or unjust. It’s healthy to feel and express anger. 

However, if your anger is uncontrolled, you may not effectively convey your message. Over time, your uncontrolled anger may affect relationships at home and work. Poor anger management also affects your physical and emotional well-being.


When should I consider anger management?

You should consider anger management at Newstone Behavioral Health if you have uncontrolled anger that’s affecting your personal or professional life. You might benefit from anger management if:

  • You always feel angry
  • Your friends and family keep their distance because of your anger
  • You’re not welcome at certain establishments because of your anger
  • You hold grudges and seek revenge
  • You get violent when you’re angry

When left untreated, your uncontrolled or misplaced anger may lead to other problems. But you can learn how to control your anger.


Can anger management help suppress my anger?

The goal of anger management isn’t to teach you how to suppress your anger but to learn how to understand why you're angry and how to express it in a healthy way. Suppressing your anger is unhealthy and may cause the same problems as your uncontrolled anger.

Learning how to express your anger in a more productive manner benefits your mental and emotional well-being and makes it easier for others to understand your concerns and needs. It also improves how you handle conflicts and strengthens relationships. 


What treatments are part of anger management?

The team at Newstone Behavioral Health customizes your anger management treatment plan after conducting an initial assessment. They review your medical and mental health history, family history, and ask about your goals.

They take an evidence-based approach to mental health and may use various forms of therapy to help you gain control over your anger. Treatment may include:


Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)

CBT is an effective therapy that helps you identify the thoughts or behaviors that trigger your anger response and then create strategies to change them to improve how you respond. 


Psychodynamic therapy

Psychodynamic therapy uses self-reflection to help find the root cause of your anger. 


Family therapy

Newstone Behavioral Health is a family-oriented practice and may recommend family therapy to resolve conflicts.

Call Newstone Behavioral Health or schedule your anger management telehealth consultation online today.